Conference Papers

This page contains all slides provided by presenters from Day 1 and 2 of the National Conference, including the CFO Forum.

For papers from the ES 2015-2020 Masterclass held on Tuesday the 26th of August, please email

Day 1 - Wednesday 27 August

Session 1 - 4: No papers

Session 5 Plenaries

5.1: The Future of Welfare

  • John Falzon, The Vinnies
  • Travers McLeod, Centre for Policy Development
  • Sonia Martin, RMIT University

5.2: VET Reform - What's happening now and what's likely into the future?

5.3: Leading Courageously in Times of Change

Session 6: Workshops

6.1: The Future of Employment Services

6.2: Where Do We Belong? The Future Of Support To At Risk Youth

6.3: Brand Positioning in a Noisy World: Strategies for Getting Noticed

6.4 & 7.4: Executive PD: Leadership Resilience and Effective Communication

6.5: Foundation Skills – What are they? Why should I care?

6.6 & 7.6: Developing and Maintaining Alliances In The NFP Sector: Tricks And Traps

6.7: Strategies for Employment Consultants who work with Indigenous clients

Session 7: Workshops

7.1: Motivating Outcomes: New Concepts In Service Design

7.2: Practical Strategies To Support At Risk Youth And Engagement

  • Jenny Allen, Geraldton Regional Community Education Centre
  • John Coates, Employment Options

7.3: Building Sustainable Business Foundations: Diversification and Fundraising

7.4 & 6.4: Executive PD Continued

  • Richard Kasperczyk Converge International

7.5: Supporting Clients Through IT: Improving client management

7.7: Culturally Sensitive Practice: Learning from the Northern Indigenous Employment working group

Session 8 What Really Matters Father – Bob Maguire

Session 9: The Lady Vanishes: Australia’s Disappearing Voluntary Sector

Session 10: Skills You Need to Lead

CFO Forum

Session 1: The Future CFO; Leader and Innovator

  • Eva Claesdotter, A Broader View
  • Joss Evans, INNOVIC
  • Ryan O’Callaghan, Workskil Australia Incorporated
  • Jason Smith, Davidsons

Session 2

Session 3: The Competitive Not-for-profit Market

  • Chris Wilson, JBWere
  • John Pollard, Djerriwarrh Employment & Education Services
  • Garth Nowland-Foreman, NZ Community Solutions
  • Gordon Jenkins, Davidsons

Session 4: Benchmarking Best Practice

Day 2 - Thursday 28 August

Session 11 - 14: No papers

Session 15: Workshops

15.1: Where Are The Jobs? Trends In The Labour Market And Precarious Work

15.2: Measuring what matters: Social Impact and its uses

15.3: Leadership Lessons from the Christchurch Earthquake

Session 16: Plenaries

16.1: The Elephant In The (Interview) Room: Older Job Seekers And Discrimination

  • Michael McGann, University of Melbourne
  • Dina Bowman, BSL
  • Tim Adair; Productive Ageing Centre at National Seniors

16.2: Building stronger alliances for services for people with mental health disabilities

16.3: Getting started: social enterprise and innovation financing - some practical examples

16.4: Building Employer Demand: Lessons from Practice

  • Kevin Robbie, SVA
  • John van Kooy and Eve Bodsworth, Brotherhood of St Laurence

16.5: Love Me or Tender: Can We Do Both?

16.6: Getting Ready For Change: Building A Cooperative Culture

16.7: Remote Jobs & Communities Program: From Policy to Practice

  • Lisa Fowkes, CAEPR
  • Shaun Fowler, Right Hand Remote Solutions

Session 17: Workshops

17.1: What works for refugees:

17.2: Update on the NDIS from NDIA

17.3: Social Enterprise Development: Learning from experience

  • Ron Miers, WCIG

17.4: Work for the Dole Reborn: Practical Tips For Your Projects

17.5: Making a commitment: to partner or not to partner?

17.6: Getting Ready For Change: Building A Cooperative Culture Part 2

17.7: Responding to the Forrest Review of Indigenous Employment and Training Programs

  • Lisa Fowkes, CAEPR
  • Dennis Batty, Jobs Australia

Session 18 - 19: No papers