Program CFO Forum

Wednesday 27 August

830–900 Registration 0930–1100 Session 1:

The Future CFO; Leader and Innovator

In the most effective organisations the CFO or Senior Accounting staff are the ultimate business partner. Their role assists in the process of driving structural change, continuous improvement and innovation.

Today’s CFO and senior managers influence strategic and tactical change across the organisation, utilising the finance team as points of leverage to enable transformation as well as updating capabilities, reporting and skills within finance on a continual basis to increase efficiency.

Ryan O’Callaghan, Manager – Corporate & Risk, Workskil Australia Incorporated

Mr O’Callaghan heads Workskil Australia’s corporate services division, which includes Finance, Facilities, ICT, Applications and Quality & Audit Sections

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Jason Smith, Divisional Manager Business Advisory, Davidsons

Jason Smith - Divisional Manager Business Advisory, Davidsons

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Joss Evans, Chief Exectuvie Officer, INNOVIC

Joss Evans- Chief Exectuvie Officer, INNOVIC

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Eva Claesdotter, A Broader View Executive Coaching

Business and Executive Coach

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1130–1230 Guest Speaker

Andrew MacLeod

With further focus on budget savings and greater focus on outcome rather than process measures, how does the non for profit sector need to embrace change in measurability, accountability and approaches to private sector partnership to ensure long term service delivery? Do not for profits have to recognise that mutual benefit (Shared Value) for private sector partners needs to be found and not just rely on a ‘cap in hand’ approach for corporate philanthropy’?

Andrew MacLeod, Business adviser, former CEO and past humanitarian aid worker

Business adviser, former CEO and past humanitarian aid worker, Andrew MacLeod is an accomplished team builder and leader.

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1330–1530 Session 2:

The Competitive Not-for-profit Market

Gone are the days when a well developed social mission was enough to attract government and philanthropic funding. Non Profit organisations need to re-align themselves for a competitive market place where funding is limited and stakeholders need to know that their donations and funding are making an impact.

NFP Leaders are adopting a performance-based social enterprise mentality, without compromising mission or values, measuring what they do, to prove the impact they have, and to improve what they do as well as elevating governance to the strategic level, to make best practice a core strength and a source of competitive advantage.

Chris Wilson, Director, Philanthropic Services team, JBWere

Chris joined JBWere in April 2007 and is a Director in the JBWere Philanthropic Services team, based in Melbourne.

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John Pollard, Corporate Services Manager, Djerriwarrh Employment & Education Services

Senior Executive with Board experience and an extensive background in Financial and Senior Management roles across a diverse range of industries and market

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Garth Nowland-Foreman, Director, NZ Community Solutions

Director, NZ Community Solutions

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Gordon Jenkins, Chief Executive Officer, Davidsons

Gordon Jenkins Chief Executive Officer, Davidsons

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1530–1615 Guest Speaker

Benchmarking Best Practice

Andrew Benoy from The Nous Group will provide an overview of both the benefits of benchmarking, the likely returns to be made and the process that Jobs Australia is looking to establish in the coming months. This session will be a must for all CEOs and CFOs interested in accessing information related to best practice and to get a gauge on the cost and quality of back‐of‐house functions.

Jobs Australia is in the process of engaging Nous to create a similar Program nationally that will assist organisations to: - Assess their performance based on real data related to the NFP sector - Proactively manage fixed costs for back‐of‐house services in the context of highly variable revenues - Make more informed decisions about major investments - Embed benchmarking KPIs in their regular management and board reporting - Set differentiated and evidence‐based targets for back‐of‐house services

Andrew Benoy, Senior Consultant, Nous Group

Andrew Benoy is a Senior Consultant in Nous Group’s Strategy and Public Policy practice.

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Sandy Forbes, Principal in Strategy and Public Policy, Nous Group

Sandy Forbes is a Principal in Strategy and Public Policy at Nous and is the Head of Nous’ Human Services practice in Victoria.

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1615–1630 Close 1630–1730 Networking Session