Richard Kasperczyk

With over 20 years of experience, Organisational Psychologist and Converge International Managing Director Richard Kasperczyk has experience in developing and delivering practical, research-based strategies to address organisational and people issues in complex organisations. Richard is a specialist in the areas of risk management, focusing on work-related stress prevention, and psychological health. He is currently a PhD degree candidate at Victoria University’s Centre for International Corporate Governance Research in the Business and Law Faculty. His research topic deals with organisational responses to managing psychological health in the workplace.

Richard has presented hundreds of workshops and training seminars and co-authored a number of articles in international scientific journals. His extensive experience coaching and consulting in hundreds of organisations, bring a new level of practical experience to his presentations. When presenting, Richard’s interactive style engages the audience with his experience, demonstrating his credibility and authority with both the research and practice of organisational psychology.

Richard is a Fellow of the Australian Psychological Society and former National Chair of its Division of Independently Practising Psychologists. He has chaired a non-for-profit Board for over seven years in addition to being a director of two private company Boards. Richard has facilitated the development of strategic plans for a number of non-for-profit, private and government enterprises.

Richard is an industry thought leader in the areas of workplace bullying, psychological wellness, workplace resilience and managing stress in the workplace, contributing to articles, writing white papers and providing expert commentary on radio and television.